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About Us

Showing those whom are ready to discover more that Auckland City is one of the best parts of New Zealand

We want to help people to enjoy Auckland City, we want to showcase a part of New Zealand people may not otherwise see, what we love about our city, who we are, why we are different, and our stories.

Auckland Free Walking Tours began after our staff both present and past had been traveling the world, the team at Auckland Free Walking Tours noticed that Free Walking Tours exist in all the major cities as well as some of the smaller ones.

Jordan and Suzanne a mother and son team came back to New Zealand and started Auckland Free Walking Tours. They put a substantial amount of work into their labour of love creating tours, finding guides, and training with help from the farther of the family, Barry. After Covid they handed the tour over to one of the guides to work through and navigate the post Covid world and how tourism now looks. Auckland Free Walking Tours has always been a family and the culture that comes from the way we were founded is part of the way we exist today.

We want everyone to be able to come and do a tour, we firmly believe that what we have to offer is a high-quality product not just in Auckland or New Zealand, but globally. We work hard to entertain and inform everyone that stops through our city, we are willing to bet that people will enjoy the tour and the city. In fact if they don’t we work for free, that is a real gamble with the time and energy that goes into creating these tours and all of the administrative work behind the scenes, but we are confident and that is why we show up to run tours and why you are able to read this now.

We plan to entertain, inform, teach, learn, show, explore, grow, adapt with anyone that comes along and is willing to get out of their hotel room. Come and walk with us on this journey.

  • star rating  Fantastic experience, the tour guide had a wealth of knowledge and expertly guided us from place to place with fascinating stories and historical a

  • star rating  Great Saturday night activity!! I discovered a couple of cool bars where I will for sure return, tasty beers, and some amazing stories about New Zealand history. *Spoiler alert*… read more

    Andreea B
  • star rating  Lots of fun and learnt a lot about Auckland's early-ish history. Highly recommended as something worthwhile but different for both Aucklanders and visitors.

    John S
  • star rating  Our tour guide Catherine was so knowlegible and fun! We learned so much about Auckland and NZ history in a such a people friendly way. All thanks to her!
    … read more

  • star rating  This was the perfect way to start my trip to NZ! Our guide was captivating, funny, and only too happy to help out with any other Qs. Highly recommended.


About the Tour

Booking Is Essential Start Times End Time Spots Available Restrictions Tour Day Meeting Point
For staff to arrive for the tour
Please check available times below
2 to 3 hours after tour starts
We have space as long as you book
Able to walk for 2 hours
Every day
Queens Wharf next to the Ferry building.

The best way to get to know a city is a walking tour! Our centrally located tours are a great way to learn about and explore Auckland City. Let our team of passionate guides who each add their own flavours and stories to their tours to help you get to know the city like a local. Be entertained by unexpected stories, interesting anecdotes, and fun facts. A family friendly event that is great for people looking for an introduction to New Zealand, people who are looking for ideas to plan their trips, people looking to meet other travellers, a way of reflecting on travel around New Zealand, and even those that are local who feel like a day out. Best of all is you pay what you feel the tour is worth, you can’t get better value than that!

Things to Note

  • Please bring water and comfortable foot wear 
  • Start Time: 10am till just after noon and 2pm till just after 4pm
  • All are welcome but be aware that we want you to have the best possible experience so you need to reserve your place.
  • Traveling between stops is on foot so being comfortable is important.
  • If you have already booked and need the address of where we start Meet us at the entrance to Queens Wharf and next to the Ferry building – Look out for the ‘Blue Umbrella’ 
  • Tour every Saturday but private bookings are available.
  • Remember that staff are paid by your donations and generosity and there are few things in Auckland you can do for less than $30

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asked questions

The tour starts at 6:30pm and goes on til 9:30pm and after that you’re free to continue on well into the night with your new found friends.

We talk predominantly about the history of alcohol in New Zealand, the first beer was brewed on March 27th 1773, we also talk about Auckland City and how it has grown and changed. New Zealand is a big country of drinkers and that has meant that there was a drink at almost all of our key moments in history. The fun thing about New Zealand is we can remember them… kind of.

If you are a group of 7 or more people and you would like to do a private Auckland tour we can organise that for you we can even be flexible about the time of day depending on what you are looking for and if there is a special occasion with enough warning we can even work on different content and stories for the tour. Just send a message and inquire and we can go from there.

For private tours it depends entirely on you. For our regular tours…Tours range in size but we wouldn’t have a tour bigger than 15 people. We are a small business and things week to week are never the same. Doing a tour with us means you are supporting an independent tour company, you are supporting local bars, and you are supporting local beers. The bonus for you is that his is an authentic tour.

Discover the Undiscovered